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Summertime can get busy with spending time with family and friends. We are here to give you the resources to get your outdoor chores done so you can get back to your summer activities.
You can find an assortment of summer essentials ranging from sprinklers to pest control and garden hose to lawn care supplies. In store you can also find basic supplies for your RV.
Come in today with any summer chore and leave with the right solution to get back to enjoying your summer.

Underground sprinkler systems require new heads and controls. Currently, we carry brands like Rainbird and Hunter.
Bring in your old sprinkler head and we will be able to match it with a replacement head.

Other than heads we carry a small amount of sprinkler controls and parts. Give us a call to find out what we carry to repair your sprinkler system.

Pest control is a chore that no one wants to do but we are here to solve any pest problem so you can get back to your summer activities. Solutions that solve any problems, which range from home defense to traps and spray killers to powered killers. Home defense includes the Bug Max product and traps include the Terro ant killer brand. Don’t forget bee killers that we carry in long distance sprays for one-on-one killing and a forming spray to incase bee hives to trap the bees. Come visit us to find out how our pest control supply can help you protect your home and family from unwanted pests.

  • NeverKink
  • Ortho
  • Rainbird
  • Roundup
  • Scotts
  • Terro
  • Bug Max
  • Gilmour
  • Hunter

Keeping up your garden and yard requires water that comes from the outdoor faucet. Outdoor faucets that are also known as the garden hose. We carry hoses, supplies to repair broken hoses, hose reels, hose nozzles and sprinklers. Besides carrying the parts to repair broken hoses we also install new ends to any garden hose. Have a need to repair or replace you garden hose supplies then come visit us for all your needs to water your plants. 

Lawn care takes a personal touch to maintain and grow your yard. From grass seed to lawn fertilizer we have you covered to maintain any yard. To keep your yard healthy, you can’t forget the right product for weed control. We carry roundup and other brands for weed control that will help you keep your lawn nice and healthy. Visit our store today to see how our summer supplies, including lawn care essentials that can help you complete your summer chores so you can get back to your summer activities.